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Leinwand / Keilrahmen I 40 x 30 cm

Samuel Groves 1817 16 "ブラックアイアンフライパン407 X 353 X 47MM - Samuel Groves 1817 16" Black Iron Frying Pan 407 X 353 X 47MM

Samuel Groves 1817 16 "ブラックアイアンフライパン407 X 353 X 47MM【楽天海外直送】 - Samuel Groves 1817 16" Black Iron Frying Pan 407 X 353 X 47MM:Excellent Imports

【送料無料】杉山製作所 York ヨークタオルバーB 200 サンドブラック YOR-1487

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Samuel Groves 1817 16" Black Iron Frying Pan 407 X 353 X 47MM

Samuel groves few suppliers of hospitality products go back as far as samuel groves. This venerable birmingham-based manufacturer of kitchen equipment started in 1817, initially making brass candlesticks. By the 1870s, production had expanded to electroplated teapots and trays and it started toe a significant exporter in the 1910â?s. Henry groves was the last family owner when in 1917 samuel groves was registered as apany. Moving to musgrave street, hockley birmingham in 1921 the big take-off into catering supply came during the second world war when samuel groves won a major government gained a major boost from the introduction of the mermaid brand at the beginning of the 1950s, molly the mermaid had first appeared in the 1920â?s. The md of the time saw a statue of a little mermaid in an antique shop and brought her back to birmingham where she took up residence in the foyer of the factory. Her likeness has since proved an enduring logo. The move into larger premises in norton street, birmingham in 1965 enabledpany to expand its interests in cookware, bakeware, holloware and utensils. Henry groves 1862-1936, third generation in the family firm was listed in the 1881 census as having the occupation of metal spinner, a process we still use at samuel groves today. Product innovation has not, however, been at the expense ofpany's traditional manufacturing ethos, even though the market and indeed cooking practises have evolved over the years, samuel groves quality and processes have remained constant. We are traditional manufacturers and every product is still hand-finished.

Dimensions: 83.5 x 56 x 6 centimetres (3.4 kg)

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